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The Student Legal Clinic is a partner program of the Off-Campus Student Services 

Both programs share the following goals:

  • To provide information that will help students make appropriate decisions
  • To teach students problem solving tools and strategies
  • To develop community relationships that benefit students
  • To strengthen the connection between off-campus students and campus and community resources

North Carolina Courts delaying most cases beginning December 14, 2020

The North Carolina Courts have just announced that most court proceedings will be postponed for at least 30 days, beginning on Monday, December 14, 2020, due to the current surge in COVID-19 cases. If you have questions about the status of your case, call the Clerk of Court in the county where your case is located or contact the Student Legal Clinic. The phone number for the Watauga County Clerk of Court is (828) 268-6600.

Dec 11, 20
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Get informed about debt collection and credit reports!

Do you have questions about what happens when you owe a debt? Are you being contacted by a creditor? Have you ever requested a copy of your credit report? This 20 minute presentation provides an introduction to debt collection and credit reports. Check it out if and get some valuable information!

Oct 12, 20
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The North Carolina Courts will begin expanding operations, including in-person proceedings, on June 1, 2020.  As the courts reopen, health and safety protocols and other procedures will vary by county and courthouse.  Contact the Student Legal Clinic if you have questions about an upcoming/ pending court case.  

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APRIL 3 UPDATE ON NC COURTS:    Most cases in the North Carolina courts are now being postponed until June 1, 2020.  This extends the earlier Order postponing cases until mid-April. The postponement includes cases scheduled for district criminal court administrative sessions.  Some proceedings will take place using remote methods (audio/ video). You can check the status of your case with the Watauga County Clerk of Court by calling (828) 268-6600.  You can also access information at the North Carolina Courts website:  Domestic Violence cases will still be heard on an ongoing basis.

Student Legal Clinic consultations are available by phone and Zoom meeting! Call (828) 262-8284 to schedule an appointment. 

Mar 12, 20
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2018-19 Student Legal Clinic data shows increase in landlord-tenant cases

Each year, at the end of spring semester, we review at our data for the past year to see how many students consulted with the Student Legal Clinic and what types of cases they needed help with.  We look for trends and use the information we collect from our database and from student surveys to improve the services we provide.

In 2018-19, for the first time since the Student Legal Clinic started operating in fall 2002, more students sought advice about landlord-tenant issues than any other type of case. This included a number of students who met with the Student Legal Clinic to review their lease before signing it -- always a good idea when entering a binding legal contract!  As the Appalachian State University student body continues to grow, and a larger number of students live off-campus, we expect lease reviews and other rental issues will continue to be a hot topic for the Student Legal Clinic.

In addition to individual consultations, we work with our partner program Off-Campus Student Services to provide educational presentations and other programs for students living off-campus or preparing to move off-campus.  For more information about what the Student Legal Clinic has been up to this past year, check our 2018-19 infographic report.  Follow us on Facebook and feel free to email with any questions or comments!

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Number of students seeking legal advice increased in 2017-18

The numbers are in: During 2017-18, 389 Appalachian State students contacted the Student Legal Clinic for help with 442 separate issues, representing a significant increase from the 327 who sought help the previous year. Consultations most frequently involved minor criminal charges, landlord-tenant issues, and traffic tickets. But students also sought advice and information about expungement, family and relationship issues, employment, lawsuits for money, and a host of other issues.

For more information about what we do, check out our 2017-18 Student Legal Clinic Infographic. Questions: Call (828) 262-8284 or email

Sep 11, 18
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